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Welcome to Our Beautiful Project!

OK. Here is your challenge: Stand in front of a mirror, look at your reflection and repeat, "Dang! That
is one fine looking woman staring back at me—I am truly BEAUTIFUL!"

How easy was that?
Did you think this instead? > “I am too fat.” or “I am too old.” or “My hair, my skin, my clothes! Ugh!”

What makes a woman lovely despite a few extra pounds or a few wrinkles? I believe it's a deep
unabashed self-love.

That's what Our Beautiful Project is all about. It’s a daily affirmation to build the belief that we are beautiful.
True beauty costs nothing—it can be achieved by anyone and can never be taken away. It can delight and
give joy and better yet—it can spread.

Let's start a revolution—one woman, one mirror at a time.